Helix 3/24 Week In Review

Posted by: Murphy Vandervelde on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 10:30:00 am

Fortnite Friday:

We had an awesome turnout on Friday where 8 squads took to Tilted Towers to battle it out. While the competition was fierce ultimately Starving Hustlers took home the win. Starving Hustlers have been a staple at Helix since we opened competition across a wide variety of our tournaments. Keep an eye out on them as a rising org and if you want to get noticed by them come to our tournaments!

The Forge Monthly Super Smash Tournament:

Yesterday we hosted our monthly Smash tournament in conjunction with Collision Gaming and MasterHand Gaming. Ultimately 60 competitors tested their meddle across the afternoon. At the end of the night here were the winners:

1. Mr E (Marth)

2. James (Chrom)

3. Juice (ZSS/Falco)

Mr E is a previous PGR (Our Global rankings to rank top 50 out of the world) player for Smash Bros for Wii-U, and this is his first stacked win in tri-state, beating James, another previous PGR player, Wishes, Jack, and others. As always we look forward to next month's speciality event with ties to WrestleMania, stay posted as details will be released soon.


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