Helix 4/7 Week In Review

Posted by: Murphy Vandervelde on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 10:40:00 pm

Suplex City Smash:

This month brought us a special Smash tournament to Helix, Suplex City. With Wrestle Mania just 10 minutes away at MetLife how could CollisionSeries and 2GGaming not do something huge?

 The event received 220 unique single splayers from various parts of the United states. Prize Pot was $2200.00

Takeaways: Rouge | Light, NRG | Nairo, PG Marss, and Liquid | Dabuz, who are considered to be high contenders for top 10 PGR (Our smash rankings, were all in attendance for the event. However, the threat of these 4 did not phase the Tri-state community as ALL 4 of these players, who also happened to be the top 4 seeds of the event, were sent to losers bracket by Wishes, Leon, Jakal, and Shoyo James, respectfully.

Another takeaway is that all 4 of these players who sent them to losers are players who attend #TheForge monthlies. NRG Nairo won the event. 2nd was Shoyo James, and 3rd was Wishes.

In addition to this, we had our first Tri-state Circuit Championship Bracket from the weekly circuit. We had 8 teams of 5 attend. All of the teams are also a pinnacle in their scene as some of the best they have state wise. Team AoN from Long island took 1st while Team Bairs took 2nd. Prize pot for this was $2000.00

ggCircuit $15k East Coast Private Server Tournament:

This week in conjunction with Epic and ggCircuit, Helix hosted the east coast portion of the 50k fortnite event. Our private server was set in NA East. The event received 697 unique single players from various different centers, with 50 participants from Helix

While we had 11 qualify for championship games, imfinnadab placed second taking home $750. Not bad for a Sunday Night, am I right?


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