Casual Play Pricing 

Helix eSports offers an experience for every gamer! Casual play at Helix is open whenever we are. Come in, play the game of your choice and enjoy the unique gaming atmosphere our Helix. Casual play pricing is purchased in time blocks or our day passes. Day passes allow players to have access to the equipment for one whole business day (the pass expires at close of business on the day of purchase).

Casual Play Packages:  

                                           1 hour - $6  

                                       3 hours - $15  

                                       5 hours - $20 

                              Summer Day Pass- $23 

 Want to hop in on the competitive action? Check out our  full event schedule here

For birthdays and private events click here!

Need to leave but still have game time? Don't worry! You have 90 days to use all your time!

social gaming at Helix eSports

Players enjoying a contested Overwatch friendly