Summer 2019: What's New at Helix eSports

Team Helix, 

It is official, summer is here! There is not a better time of year to kick back, enjoy time with friends and hone your skills in your favorite games preparing for next fall. We have a ton of exciting developments at Helix starting 7/1. 

1. We are rolling out week day themed promotions, in addition to our normal nightly events (DNA, Zone Wars, Button Check & FIFA).Whether its discounted hours or money off food purchases, the week days at Helix will be awesome! Also, we are rolling out special summer day passes! A day pass is unlimited access to the center for the day you purchase the pass. That means if you buy a day pass on Saturday at 12pm, you can play until 2am for no additional charge! For all the details see the graphic below. 

2. We are excited to announce our first Fortnite clinic on July 8th. Come learn from some of the world's best Fortnite players in a 3-hour interactive session. The clinic will be taught in a group setting where players will learn (while playing Fortnite), pre-game set up (key bindings, controller settings) that pros use, proper techniques to improve aim & building skills, how to play in end game scenarios and overall Fortnite game awareness skills. The clinic runs from 9am-12pm and is $25, players will receive a drink and snack included in the price. Email for more details.

3. ggChampions is launching mid-summer! ggChampions is a new series of events and tournaments played over the course of an 8 week season for Fornite, League of Legends and DOTA2. Players can come in at any time and play public matches of these games, get ranked and win prizes like HP Omen Gaming PCs and Logitech equipment. For more details go here!


Finish your finals and get ready for an epic summer!

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